USPSA Open Division Grand Master

As an accomplished USPSA shooter, Blake enjoys the challenge of compeiting at the highest levels of the sport but he especially loves the people.  Blake has a passion for helping others build their shooting skills and loves working with shooters to help them perform at their highest potential.

In 2019 Blake has won:

  • Texas State Open Champion
  • 1st GM at the High Desert Classic
  • High Open at OK Sectional
  • High Open at Double Tap Championship



For USPSA shooters who have some experience but want to learn how to take their game to the next level.


For USPSA shooters who have taken the Level I class and want to continue to build skill, shave time, and improve accuracy.


The Advanced class is for students who have completed both Level I and Level II classes and want to push farther and improve their game even more!


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Satisfied Shooters

Blake is a great instructor and fun to shoot with!  The way he explains complex concepts makes things really easy to understand and faster to implement.  I've taken something different from each class and have used it to become a better shooter.  

Devin H

I have taken all of Blake’s classes with excellent results. My first level 1 class I was not expecting to work as hard as we did. Blake covered everything and his facility is outstanding. What I liked about Blake’s class was he was very easy to understand. He made sure you understood how to improve so you could own the process and take that with you. He isn’t just teaching the class. I was a C class Limited shooter and after the level 1 class I made B the next week. I walked away from his class feeling like a new shooter with more understanding of how to reach the goals I had planned.

Jon S

I love heading out to 415 because I know that guarnteed, when my day is done, I'll have a big smile on my face, and empty ammo can, and a whole bunch of new skills to refine and tools to help me win matches. Blake is a great coach and makes training fun!

Holly G

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